Emotional Violence Caused by the Effect of Parents’ Rolein Cultural Hegemony of Social Control on Children in Lia Shine’s TerpaksaMenikah: A Case Study

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Putra Pratama Saputra


Emotional violence is violence that can frustrate social development on children or mental health children. Emotional violence is verbal violencethat is usually received by the involving feelings in himself. This will impact that distasteful to the development of children. According to Moffat “emotional violence will make children unable to give or receive affection normally”. Research has a reference to see hegemony cultural influenced by violence emotional, where hegemony culture is an aspect of leadership where it is dominated by a class that cause a pressure in the domain of the habit or culture. This relatively relation to social control in emotional children. So it will be examined through the theory of social control  which will show expectation of violent emotional to the development of children.



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